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Adam Michaelis: It takes one to see one – a commentary

In our latest paper on the Judith von Halle business, Current trends in Anthroposophy, we foresaw the interesting spectacle in Dornach, when the speaking I of Rudolf Steiner, impersonated by an American woman named Teresa Gahard (scheduled to arrive there before 15. December this year), would rendezvous with her spiritual sister, Judith, and distribute the remaining karmic roles and reincarnatory honours between them and their followers.(1) But the naïve and endearingly honest TG really has no idea of the hard personal politics of who is in and out of the Dornach center. It turns out that the warm sisterly shoulder of Judith is in fact a cold and dismissive one. Evidently the threat of competition (or disgrace) has made Judith issue a hard rebuff through her flattered mouthpiece Wolfgang Stadler in a mail which (s)he has made public here on the blog Die Egoisten. (2) It concludes: “Dir, Wolfgang, muss ich dies wohl nicht schreiben. Wenn aber andere Freunde aus unseren Arbeitszusammenhängen sich ernsthaft durch derlei luziferische Lockrufe [wie die von Teresa Garhart, W.S.], die solch gravierende Fehlaussagen vermitteln, irritieren lassen, so kann man sich manchmal fragen, wie dies eigentlich kommen kann, wo doch in vernünftiger Weise in unseren Zusammenhängen so kontinuierlich gearbeitet wird.” [our underlining]

Ouch, is that going to bring down the flying hopes of the ballooned TG and the inflatable Tom Doe (or is it John Toad) even before they board the airship across the Atlantic? Are they going to loose their claims to the new JvH hardliners in Dornach, who are no less dogmatic correct and unapproachable than the former dominator Prokofieff. How are they going to tackle the fact that there is still not room for everyone (or anyone?) in the finer esoteric center circles, and has TG got the clear message here in return for her: “Judith, I look forward to meeting you”?
Hey, Teresa, Judith thinks you are a Luciferic temptress and a pack of … Fehlaussagen! Ach so!

Ok, we leave this US-styled satire here and try not to gloat too much. Because, did we not foresee this development when we commented that like attracts and cures like! And then we also use a little “gesunden Menschenverstand” (healthy judgement) like JvH propagates in her mail and just ask ourselves these simple questions: “Why would a stigmatized saint and a holder of the resurrection body of Christ need to involve herself in a trivial matter like this – to use or sanction an indirect method to get out the message [and doom coming directly from Christ, remember, we stand before Christ in JvH] that TG is a no-go for Dornach? Is JvH perhaps nauseated when confronted with the open Luciferic energies of TG and wants to hold this shadow away from herself? Is she afraid of her own reflection and alter ego? Or is she worried about her reputation and does not want to be seen in company with this American furor and Fury? Or what kind of nasty and petty politics are involved here? And is it possible and credible that “the friends of JvH” are in earnest “irritated” by the claims of TG, and what does that say about that gullible club? Are they embarrassed and made uncertain by the fact, that they cannot discern JvH from TG because of their similarly fantastic claims and likeness of spiritual “open air” demonstration? Could it be … is TG really RS … now that Judith is …you name it?
And we conclude this with our “gesunden Menschenverstand”:
That JvH reacts on TG (even privately, but much more so publically) shows her true ego level and really nothing else. Where TG has honest madness, JvH has shrewd holy politics and manoeuvres. We do not mind this or that in a gaming club where people play spiritual Monopoly. But leave your faith in Christ out of there! How can you possibly see the spiritual power of Christ behind such a miserable ruling instinct and sly defamation? So Judith – what about Lucifer in yourself? Let us hear something about that. It takes one to see one!

Adam Michaelis

1) TG as RS: “I will then continue mostly working with those pupils closest to me who are highly initiated; their spiritual identities will be held in confidence. I am expecting more reincarnated Anthroposophists, or those not incarnated in the early 1900's but whom I have deep karma with as the 48, to meet me now, mostly, at the Goetheanum. I will not tolerate any gossip about "who is who."
2) It is by now unclear whether JvH has sanctioned this publication of a private mail, which WS has arranged with Michael Eggert from Die Egoisten. Either WS is extremely indiscreet and clumsy in which case we must warn against sending him any private mails in the future, or else JvH is indeed dishonest and calculating, putting down TG in this indirect way using WS as a tool. We opt for the last case because somehow we do not think WS has the nerve to act without sanction (or is it sanctification?).
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