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Adam Michaelis: Sane lunacy

Unemployment. What a shame! We queued up in the line. There, in front of it, who did we recognize from old days? Lucifer, round-shouldered, downtrodden and misused, collecting his social benefit. His wings had been clipped. He looked miserable. And so we got into a chat with him and had a little catching up to do. He had been sacked, finally. He was a craftsman, and an experienced one, but now they had industrial robots. Mass production and marketing. He was no longer necessary or useful. They had picked up the trick from him and could do without him. They still manufactured the old models, he had made all these years, but they were no longer handmade and individually fitted, just made for casual wear and waste, varied a little from series to series, and soon they would be one size and fit all. Smart design. He looked at me with his sorrowful face almost in tears. He was so alone. There were no humans to turn to any more. They all had their own smart Lucifer models and changed them after their own wish and on every occasion. They did not even notice his absence or the change or how the new manufacturers had taken advantage of him, stolen his brand and made him obsolete. What could we say to comfort him? We tried to talk some modern sense into him.

“Today,” we said, “structures of meaning deflate and inflate at the same time. Lucifer, you could not possibly have served so many and so demanding customers at the same time, anyway. The sales are rocketing sky high! With the new products everyone can have absolute and unlimited importance at once, and no one knows the difference. Luckily, there is simply no one who needs old fashioned meaning any more, when they can have so much and so cheap importance! You have to understand people’s situation, Lucifer. They really have no meaning, and so they cannot cope and live without bulks of importance! That is the new spirituality, since only a few have ever heard of one without both meaning and importance. Do you see, Lucifer?”
Lucifer stepped back in horror as if he had seen Christ in our time. “A spirituality without both meaning and importance?” He gasped!
“Yes,” we said, “that is the new spiritual condition if you have to manage on your own and cannot afford even a new Lucifer model, or if you do not like them in the first place.
“But, that is … insane,” faltered Lucifer and went quite pale.

“Well, sane lunacy, we believe. You see, Lucifer, we were sacked too and thrown into unemployment. We worked in retail, in the Anthroposophical department. In the Von Halle Store, but only part time. Just doing measurements and imaging. But then came this hot-headed boss, called us all sorts of names, and threw us out, because we talked about you, the low quality and the general misfit and so on. They had these new smart Lucifer models, too. And the other employees just looked the other way, and some even sneered and crinkled their noses. Perhaps they were also afraid to loose their jobs. Do you know him?”
“No, said Lucifer. Perhaps he is after my time. In a new smart model.”
“Sure, Lucifer. He could not tell the difference either.”
And so we stood there in the line of complete losers, out of job and out of everything, even meaning and importance. Christ!

Adam Michaelis
Bildausschnitt: Aus einer Pinterest- Sammlung Michael Eggerts zum Thema Luzifer
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