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Adam Michaelis: Love as spiritual nourishment

What we have defended in our last paper, A perverted love ideal, is our own understanding of the meaning of individuality within a Christian belief structure, and we find JvH’s understanding of the human spiritual make-up incompatible with this. We are not involved in Antroposophical dogmatism or apologia. We were only analyzing the argumental structure of JvH, which does takes its point of departure in Rudolf Steiner’s ideas.

We do not think that Christian truth is subjective, or that spiritual development is only a matter of taste, so that every spiritual notion should be held equally valid. This is a false, modern idea belonging to the individualistic and self-important ego, like the uncritical tolerance advocated by many. In reality, these ideas are repressive, restricting thinking and leading to ignorance. Truth is an existential process, yes, but it is not contingent and indifferent.

As to the question of spiritual incorporation. We shall leave out here the mystery of the incarnation of the cosmic Christ-I, which we cannot comprehend fully, though we respect Rudolf Steiner’s understanding of this incarnation as intuitively inspired. We think it is absolutely possible that there do exist impressions of the Christ-permeated etheric and astral bodies of Jesus of Nazareth in the spiritual dimension, and also of an indirect impression of the cosmic Christ-I in the latter body, as explained by Rudolf Steiner. It is not possible for a human spirit to take over, or put on, spiritual bodies of other human individualities as a sort of building blocks in its own spiritual make-up. Nor can a human spirit copy another human I. That goes for the spiritual bodies and the I of Jesus of Nazareth too. These notions are Asuric spiritual materialism and incompatible with creation. They lead to the Luciferic dressing madness of JvH as described in our paper.

We believe, that the human spirit has eternal existence in the spiritual dimension. In this dimension the human spirit can draw near to (attract) the above mentioned entities, which also have permanent existence there, and in this way the spiritual bodies of man can be influenced and infused with the qualities of those entities, like in a special atmosphere surrounding the work of the I on its lower bodies. Let us call it a higher inspiration for this work. This is in no way a process of copying or identification or material incorporation. Creative spirit fertilizes and nourishes novelty. It is not a mechanical reproduction of prefixed clones. The work of every human spirit through the I on its lower bodies is unique and singular, producing spirit man. But in the case of the cosmic Christ-I the relation is a mystery of love. The human spirit receives its identity in freedom from the Christ-I. Without the redemptory act of Christ, the human spirit could not realize spirit man, and a gem of this realization was preserved from the resurrection body of Christ, the restituted phantom of Jesus of Nazareth, taken by the Christ-I through the resurrection, multiplied spiritually and distributed to every human spirit as a reconditioning attraction point for the Christ mystery and a matrix for its own resurrection, but not as an individually restituted phantom, nor as a ready-made spirit man. (Remember, that this particular phantom belonged to the Nathan-soul, which was not affected by the fall of man.)

Since the human spirit exists in the spiritual dimension in a continuum, it is clear, that a bond of affection can develop between human spirits, be they more or less advanced in their development. This friendship and love can indeed affect a human incarnation like in the above described way of creating an inspirational atmosphere, reaching from the spiritual down into the higher astral and even further down in rare cases, which can be traced in the human aura. This is not a material incorporation, but a developing spiritual relationship. In a relationship of love, you are always a spiritual and existential midwife to one another, because that is the very nature of love – to nourish, to kindle. You love the other individual spirit in its unique and essential dissimilarity, as you love your own individuality, because both are loved by God, the Creator. Again, there is no copying or imitation here, just unfolding creation, flourishing. In the garden of God we see only rare, unusual soul flowers, like the untold variety of human friendship, but every flower has its own Christ likeness.

Let us give you an example of this kind of spiritual friendship, reflected into a human consciousness from the soul level. In a lucid dream, awake in the astral dimension, a short sequence of images was shown: In the rural vicinities of France a poor farmer with almost no belongings except for a bell whith a pure heavenly tone in it. An exceedingly rich man, mounted on a horse, who wants to purchase this bell at what ever price. The poor farmer declining this offer gently, because of the priceless friendship with, and his love for the awakener of this bell, a man he once knew, who lifted his spiritual gaze to God through the gift of love.
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