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Adam Michaelis: Christ as the Lord of Karma - and the nature of the multiplied resurrection body of Christ

..Karma must of course always be absolved, but we believe it can be used freely and actively and arranged by Christ, so that it works to bring all creation closer to Him. This is a reality which is just in its very beginning, and we have only the first vague experiences of its workings. Hence we are hesitant to say too much about it, and nothing can be definitively understood yet, we think. Who are we to judge karma!

But it is clear from the above descriptions that the opening up of the dimensions of collective evil and the releasing of deeper karmic, cast off double structures imply an inner and accellerated karmic work. Now, the compensative and relational aspect of karma requires that karmic structures are absolved in the social dimension, either directly or indirectly, so how can that be compatible with this inner work? If, on the other hand, the collective structure of evil is opened up and this inner work made possible, should there then not be individual freedom to follow Christ on His descent and absolve karma without a need for a linear social recompense? This is where the rearrangement of individual karma by Christ as the Lord of Karma becomes essential. Normally, the karma of a lifetime was more or less prearranged or prepacked by higher spiritual beings before an incarnation, and it was absolved mainly in the social dimension through meetings with other individualities. But now the Christ-being, an aspect of God, is here in the earthly dimension! We really have to understand the implications of this! Things are not as they were before, far from.

If we think about it unbiasedly it becomes clear, that the spiritual process of a lifetime can be rearranged and accellerated in freedom and built into the unfolding Christ-impulse while we are in incarnation. Why would that not be possible if Christ is present everywhere in the etheric, if the collective evil dimensions are opened up, and if Christ is Lord of Karma? Karma can become a more active and free decision, based on inner work – a spiritual and existential aspect of our relation with Christ, where parts of our compensative karma is rearranged and reorganized into a more progressive and collective karma, following a scheme beyond our understanding, which works in total for the higher benefit of the Christ-impulse in every man. ..

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