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Adam Michaelis: Dedication

We dedicate our three papers, (a) Prokofieff versus von Halle – the fight over a (non) protected title, (b) And if Judith von Halle were not stigmatized for all the world to see, and (c) Appendix C, to the philosopher Søren Kierkegaard on his 200th anniversary. In his spirit and way of thinking, following his majeutic method, we tried in these papers to communicate the principles and practise of an existential faith in Christ in a way, that could shed light on the dire conflicts and spiritual stagnation in institutionalized Anthroposophy. We have set up an “existential caleidoscope” or mosaic, mirroring the fixed positions and liberating perspectives in this stalemate, showing how you can individualize and spiritualize out of it.
The first paper (a) represents an aesthetic line of approach, since it is uncommitted, style-conscious, a little blasé and distanced. Is contains an individualistic and sarcastic attitude, which certainly has its advantages and points. When trapped in blind fascination and enthusiasm – like when you are enmeshed in a luciferic magic lure (Bannkreis) – you need a mild (self)-irony and light sarcasm to distance yourself, get an overview, see the trivial roleplay and individualize out of it. Just to look at yourself and the entrapment from the outside without participation. See the folly of the situation.
The second paper (b) represents an ethical line of approach, since it is involved and principled. It deals with problems on a concrete level, but due to a humorous attitude it escapes a fixed position and a deadlock and remains open, which is always vital in a conflict. When trapped in cold, categorical and heartless judging – like when you are enmeshed in an ahrimanic organization (Einrichtung) – you need an empathic humour to reach a deeper level, get an existential insight, see the underlying, common reality and indvidualize yourself from it. Just to look at yourself and others with a broader, living and more human perspective. Do not separate from the wholeness of life.
The last paper (c) represents a religious line of approach in which you individualize yourself in existential faith and deliverance. When you see your own shadow there is more spaciousness and acceptance and no need for projection. You discover the middle – the only possible place for the I. You stand apart in an existential faith that no one can look into without the same kind of faith and surrender, and yet you stand together with the part of every human being, who is before the cross of Christ in truth.

Adam Michaelis,
During Whitsuntide (Pfingsten) 2013
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