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Adam Michaelis: Appendix C

Als dritter Teil nach „Prokofieff versus von Halle- the fight over a (non-protected) title“ und „And if Judith von Halle were not stigmatized for all the world to see“ folgt nun „Appendix C“:

„Let this be said again, once and for all. Of course, we do not now the truth or reality about that event or Judith von Halle. Only Christ knows that. But that is not the important issue here. The problem is, how existential truth can be aligned with it, and how we should orientate ourselves in such a situation existentially. You see, we are all in a way stigmatized and crucified right now in Christ. Why look to Judith von Halle as somebody special in that regard? This is really an existential illusion. A game you play with yourself in order not to see yourself and reality.“

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